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Thrive Catering is Savannah’s first and only Green Certified Caterer.  Third-party certification assures our customers that our practices are eco-friendly beyond doubt.  The Green Restaurant Association qualifies Thrive in six required categories: water efficiency, waste reduction, recycling, sustainable food, energy, disposables, and pollution reduction.  Thrive uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible, and sources from over 20 local farms.

Wendy Armstrong

Chef Wendy Armstrong, owner of Thrive Catering, grew up in the verdant green mountains of Vermont, and was fortunate to come to Savannah with an art scholarship to SCAD.  However she soon found her artistic passions leaning towards the culinary side.  She became a chef on private yachts, and travelled for 14 years learning much about different national cuisines.  She took further classes at the CIA in New York, in Florence, Italy, and in Mexico.  She also took an interlude as a chef at a resort ranch in Jackson Hole, WY, just for fun.  Feeling strongly about nature and authentic nourishing food, Wendy brought back her learning to her home in Savannah, and started Thrive Catering, working with local farms, and using eco-friendly methods in all of its business practices.  The positive response from the community has been very rewarding.